Who am I

I love staying in a high rise:

Have you ever looked at a tall building and said to you, “man, I wish I could live there!”? Well I used to do that as a child. My parents tell me that when they took me for my first vacation to Europe, I would not trouble them at all in the cafeterias. I was only three then. Why?

Because I was too busy watching the skyscrapers towering up in to the sky and all suited men going in and coming out of them as if they were the most important men in the whole wide world.

I must have fantasized trying to look so busy and important when I grew up. All the same, I grew up and things around changed but one thing remained constant – my love for the skyscrapers!

I breathed tall buildings:

I am seriously not exaggerating here but I was so fond of skyscrapers that I read about them in the newspapers if they carried any articles on them. I cut those articles and even stuck them on the inside of my wardrobe. I stuck them inside because my mother hated any kinds of bills on the walls. She thought it made them ugly!

What did you just say?

Ugly and these skyscrapers?!

Come on, you must be out of your minds! There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful steel structure towering up in to the sky and as it swindles higher up the beauty is when all you can see are the clouds at the top. Wow!

My aim to be at the top of them all:

My dream is to be atop all of those sky scrapers and to take in the view. I am sure that it will heighten my pleasure by manifold. I have already been to some and some look like a distant dream. However, I am working out on a plan to visit one of them this summer. Wish me luck guys!