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Have you ever looked at a tall building and said to you, “man, I wish I could live there!”? Well I used to do that as a child. My parents tell me that when they took me for my first vacation to Europe, I would not trouble them at all in the cafeterias. I was only three then. Why?

Because I was too busy watching the skyscrapers towering up in to the sky and all suited men going in and coming out of them as if they were the most important men in the whole wide world.

I must have fantasized trying to look so busy and important when I grew up. All the same, I grew up and things around changed but one thing remained constant – my love for the skyscrapers!


Here is a mind boggling fact list of all the best skyscrapers in the world:

My dream is to be atop all of those sky scrapers and to take in the view. I am sure that it will heighten my pleasure by manifold...


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Who am I

Have you ever looked at a tall building and said to you, “man, I wish I could live there!”?

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Here is a mind boggling fact list of all the best skyscrapers in the world:

  1. The Parisian beauty

    Eiffel Tower: till the year 1890, the tower hogged the limelight for being the tallest skyscraper in the world. The tower was actually built to prove to the world that iron is as robust as a building material as you would think that stone is. And the point is proven, more than a century later, this tower stands there in all its glory. The reflection in river Sienne is so mesmerizing in the evening that it takes quite an effort for me to tear myself from it.

  2. The Chrysler Building:

    Walter Chrysler the head of the auto giant had proposed to make the world’s tallest structure and much to the bewilderment of the citizens it did. But unfortunately, it could retain the crown for the tallest building for more than four months and lost it to the Empire State Building.

  3. The Empire State Building:

    This is the most iconic building of all times. The building is said to have been made a whopping ten million bricks. Another trivia about it is that it has been struck by lightning few hundred times but nothing can even scrape its exterior. It is one of the world’s most expensive office buildings and entails excessively good maintenance.

  4. Citicorp Center:

    Whoa, this skyscraper is shrouded in all kinds of secrets and controversies. By far when it was constructed in the year 1977, it was the tallest in the US skyline. All the 59 stories of the building were just awesome to look at. During its construction, the builders did not weld the parts and instead chose to bolt them and soon it was the hurricane Ella that was approaching the coast.

    The story goes that workers worked day and night for three months and set the thing right and fortunately the hurricane also fizzed off before it touched the land! This piece of information was a classified secret till almost the 1990’s.

  5. The Petrona’s Tower:

    Malaysia is an Islamic country and the star is of religious prominence to them. The shape of this building is an eight pointed star. The building has countless French windows and apparently the workers who work in drones take one whole month to complete the window cleaning of a single tower!

  6. John Hancock Centre:

    This Chicago skyscraper is one that has made adversity work for it. Because of its size, the builders had to build five rings made in solid iron surrounding some of the upper floors. This had to be done in order to keep the upper floors from collapsing on the lower ones.

    These rings block all the window view from the offices on such floors. But clever marketing and advertising has helped these rings to be believed to give a classy iconic look to the building. And apparently, hiring the offices on such floors is considered a status symbol and you also pay a premium rent to have your office there!

  7. The Library tower:

    The building is also called as the Interstate World Centre. This building lies correctly on a fault line but its construction and designing is made in such a way that it can withstand a tremor of almost 8.5 on the Richter’s scale. The design is so beautiful that it can be flexible enough to withstand side to side swaying without collapsing and stay stiff enough to withstand the strongest winds.

  8. Sears tower:

    A panoramic view awaits you at the top of this tower. When the skies are clear you can look as far as four states of the US. The windows boast of robotic cleaning system which ensures that when you get there, there is nothing between you and the view. Bliss!

  9. Taipei 101:

    This 101 floor building stole my heart in the year 2003. Seven years on the top of the list and lost the title to the next in or list! The builder is fully earthquake proof and can withstand typhoon winds up to 350 km per hour.

  10. Burj Khalifa:

    January 2010, the Burj Khalifa stands tall and still is the envy of the whole world. The Arab world’s contribution to the world’s skyscrapers is a testimony of the fact that when you want to do something, there can be nothing that can stop you from doing it!

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